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Our Approach

BTL Africa has a unique approach to developing winning marketing campaigns for brands; we focus on what will get the results. We tap into the diverse experience of our team, local knowledge of markets while looking through several lenses including the brand, the competition, consumer culture, market insight and trends, changing rules of the game as well as the sustainability and scalability of ideas. We have created a culture where every team member knows that it takes both hemispheres of the brain to win in marketing. The right brain creativity and left-brain analytical skills are tapped into to design tailored plans and experiences that can be commercialized for brands.

Our Vision

To become the most influential corporate marketing media and technology conglomerate company in East and West Africa by 2022. In Africa by 2027. In the World, by 2035.

Our Mission

To conceptualize, create, and flawlessly execute innovative ideas for all our clients, so they win market share.


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